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Who has the biggest balls on the planet?



FELIX  BAUMGARTNER election 2012


JULIAN ASSANGE election 2011


BARACK  OBAMA election 2010


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We invite you to join the election for "The Ballsiest Man in The World 2013", by sending us candidates that you think they deserve such a title. After that, the shortlisted candidates will enter the public vote via our website and the winner will be announced 01.01.2014.


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THIRD ELECTION FOR 'The Ballsiest Man in the World "Award for the year 2012.

1. Felix Baumgartne, space man, he likes to jump from the edge of the world. Next time he will jump from the Moon!

(candidate from October 2012)

2. James Cameron, after Titanic he wanted to explore what is deeper in the sea in Mariana Trench dive 11,2km. If we know fact that humanity knows only about 5% of Ocean life, we must say he has balls to go so deep, totally alone. Unfortunatelly, this wasn't his year for The ballsiest man of the world, but it is almost equal with Felix acchivement.

(candidate from March 2012)


1. Isaac Newton - the Newtonian Revolution, Anglican (rejected Trinitarianism, i.e., Athanasianism; believed in the Arianism of the Primitive Church)
2. Albert Einstein - Twentieth-Century Science, Jewish
3. Neils Bohr - the Atom, Jewish Lutheran
4. Charles Darwin - Evolution, Anglican (nominal); Unitarian
5. Nikola Tesla - electricity, Serbian Ortodox
6. Sigmund Freud - Psychology of the Unconscious, Jewish; Atheist; Freudian psychoanalysis (Freudianism)
7. Galileo Galilei -  the New Science, Catholic
8. Antoine Laurent Lavoisier - the Revolution in Chemistry, Catholic
9. Johannes Kepler - Motion of the Planets, Lutheran
10. Nicolaus Copernicus - the Heliocentric Universe, Catholic (priest)
11. Michael Faraday - the Classical Field Theory, Sandemanian
12. James Clerk Maxwell - the Electromagnetic Field, Presbyterian; Anglican; Baptist
13. Claude Bernard  - the Founding of Modern Physiology        
14. Franz Boas - Modern Anthropology, Jewish
15. Werner Heisenberg - Quantum Theory, Lutheran
16. Linus Pauling - Twentieth-Century Chemistry, Lutheran
17. Rudolf Virchow - the Cell Doctrine        
18. Erwin Schrodinger - Wave Mechanics, Catholic
19. Ernest Rutherford - the Structure of the Atom        
20. Paul Dirac - Quantum Electrodynamics        
21. Andreas Vesalius -  the New Anatomy, Catholic
22. Tycho Brahe - the New Astronomy, Lutheran
23. Comte de Buffon - l'Histoire Naturelle        
24. Ludwig Boltzmann - Thermodynamics        
25. Max Planck - the Quanta, Protestant
26. Marie Curie - Radioactivity, Catholic (lapsed)
27. William Herschel - the Discovery of the Heavens, Jewish
28. Charles Lyell - Modern Geology        
29. Pierre Simon de Laplace - Newtonian Mechanics, atheist
30. Edwin Hubble - the Modern Telescope        
31. Joseph J. Thomson - the Discovery of the Electron        
32. Max Born - Quantum Mechanics, Jewish Lutheran
33. Francis Crick - Molecular Biology, atheist
34. Enrico Fermi - Atomic Physics , Catholic
35. Leonard Euler - Eighteenth-Century Mathematics, Calvinist
36. Justus Liebig - Nineteenth-Century Chemistry        
37. Arthur Eddington - Modern Astronomy, Quaker
38. William Harvey - Circulation of the Blood, Anglican (nominal)
39. Marcello Malpighi - Microscopic Anatomy, Catholic
40. Christiaan Huygens - the Wave Theory of Light, Calvinist
41. Carl Gauss (Karl Friedrich Gauss) - Mathematical Genius, Lutheran
42. Albrecht von Haller - Eighteenth-Century Medicine        
43. August Kekule - Chemical Structure        
44. Robert Koch - Bacteriology        
45. Murray Gell-Mann -  the Eightfold Way, Jewish
46. Emil Fischer - Organic Chemistry        
47. Dmitri Mendeleev - the Periodic Table of Elements        
48. Sheldon Glashow - the Discovery of Charm, Jewish
49. James Watson -  the Structure of DNA, atheist
50. John Bardeen - Superconductivity        
51. John von Neumann - the Modern Computer, Jewish Catholic
52. Richard Feynman - Quantum Electrodynamics, Jewish
53. Alfred Wegener - Continental Drift    
54. Stephen Hawking - Quantum Cosmology, atheist
55. Anton van Leeuwenhoek - the Simple Microscope, Dutch Reformed
56. Max von Laue - X-ray Crystallography        
57. Gustav Kirchhoff - Spectroscopy        
58. Hans Bethe - the Energy of the Sun, Jewish
59. Euclid - the Foundations of Mathematics, Platonism / Greek philosophy
60. Gregor Mendel - the Laws of Inheritance, Catholic (Augustinian monk)
61. Heike Kamerlingh Onnes - Superconductivity        
62. Thomas Hunt Morgan - the Chromosomal Theory of Heredity        
63. Hermann von Helmholtz - the Rise of German Science        
64. Paul Ehrlich - Chemotherapy, Jewish
65. Ernst Mayr - Evolutionary Theory, atheist
66. Charles Sherrington -  Neurophysiology        
67. Theodosius Dobzhansky -  the Modern Synthesis,Russian Orthodox
68. Max Delbruck - the Bacteriophage        
69. Jean Baptiste Lamarck -  the Foundations of Biology        
70. William Bayliss - Modern Physiology        
71. Noam Chomsky - Twentieth-Century Linguistics, Jewish atheist
72. Frederick Sanger -  the Genetic Code        
73. Lucretius - Scientific Thinking, Epicurean; atheist
74. John Dalton - the Theory of the Atom, Quaker
75. Louis Victor de Broglie - Wave/Particle Duality        
76. Carl Linnaeus - the Binomial Nomenclature, Christianity
77. Jean Piaget - Child Development        
78. George Gaylord Simpson -  the Tempo of Evolution        
79. Claude Levi-Strauss - Structural Anthropology, Jewish
80. Lynn Margulis - Symbiosis Theory, Jewish
81. Karl Landsteiner - the Blood Groups, Jewish
82. Konrad Lorenz - Ethology        
83. Edward O. Wilson - Sociobiology        
84. Frederick Gowland Hopkins - Vitamins        
85. Gertrude Belle Elion - Pharmacology        
86. Hans Selye - the Stress Concept        
87. J. Robert Oppenheimer - the Atomic Era, Jewish
88. Edward Teller - the Bomb, Jewish
89. Willard Libby - Radioactive Dating        
90. Ernst Haeckel - the Biogenetic Principle        
91. Jonas Salk - Vaccination, Jewish
92. Emil Kraepelin - Twentieth-Century Psychiatry        
93. Trofim Lysenko - Soviet Genetics, Russian Orthodox; Communist
94. Francis Galton - Eugenics        
95. Alfred Binet -  the I.Q. Test        
96. Alfred Kinsey -Human Sexuality, atheist
97. Alexander Fleming - Penicillin,Catholic
98. B. F. Skinner - Behaviorism, atheist
99. Wilhelm Wundt - the Founding of Psychology, atheist
100. Archimedes - the Beginning of Science, Greek philosophy


World Testicle Cooking Championship presents to public not only culinary skilled men, but generally all those who have the courage to show the world a completely new dimension of life and life's values - people like: stuntmen, pilots, doctors, firemen, soldiers, parachutists, climbers as well as the ones who showed their courage by saving others people's lives. All in all, people who have the balls to perform huge and difficult actions.

Since 2010. year, the Championship issues an international certificate for the bravest act carried out each year. We shall choose The Ballsy Man of the Year.

"The Ballsiest Man in The World 2012" JEEEE... Felix Baumgartner !!!!!

Congratulate Fenix, we will contatct you soon about taking reward!

This year, for the first time, has been held a public voting on the website. The opportunity to vote had visitors all over the world and the winner is Felix Baumgartner.