• World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship


Think about it!

10th jubilee ’’World Championship in Cooking Aphrodisiacs and Testicles Specialties“


Held in the village of Lunjevica near the town of Gornji Milanovac in Southwest Serbia.


(Pre-festival night atmosphere)

At 21:00 a traditional concert under the title "Cooking With Balls Band“ started with Aleksandar Radulović (Dr Starch), guitar and Ljubomir Erović, keyboards. Rock & Roll music was played to the general satisfaction of the audience. The party lasted till 1 a.m.


The festival was opened by Ljubomir Erović, Anna Wexler of Boston, Stein Brauten from Norway, Dr.Dušan Stefanović, medical doctor from the Clinical Centre of Belgrade, Branko Radovanović, representative of Lunjevica local community and manager of Lunjevica football club.

(Presideof the jury Anna Wexler gives sign for the beginning of championship)

The jury members were Anna Wexler, president, Stein Brauten, Dr.Dušan Stefanović, Bojana Trifunović, veterinary doctor, and Ilija Drašović, academic painter.

In the official part of the competition, the only dish that was judged was testicle goulash while in the informal part the culinary skill in preparing tastiest testicle dishes of one's own choice was judged, such as goulash, grill, pie, pizza, sausages, new kinds of dishes.

(One of the best looking specialties from informal part of the cooking by André Niediek, chef from Germany)

This year cock, bull, donkey, boar, horse, ram, male goat, ostrich and male turkey testicles were used.

Since the origin of this championship until present day 18 kinds of testicles of edible animals have been used. Total weight of all testicles used up to now varies between 10  and  11 tons.

Twenty teams from Serbia, Republic of Srpska, Germany and Denmark took part in the competition.

(Danish-Serbian cultural exchange - national food and drink)

The winner in preparing the tastiest goulash was the team “MUDONJE (Guys with Balls) from VELEREČ“ from G. Milanovac. The first runner up was the team “KOD MRŠA“ (At Mrsa’s) from Čačak, two time winners, while the third place went to the last year world champions the team ”TITANS“ from Loznica.

(Mr Zoltan and kid from the team MUDONJE (Guys with Balls) from VELEREČ, the winner of 10th jubilee championship)

In the informal part of the competition (not less important than the official part) testicles specialties were prepared in the manner that met the required standards of culinary knowledge, original touches in the process of preparing and professional experience. Taste, innovation, imagination, complexity of the process, the arrangement, aphrodisiac effect and tradition were judged.

(Taste Mudovača domestic rakia )

In the informal part of the competition, first place was awarded to Miss Jovana Erović from G. Milanovac. The name of the specialty was "testicles in sweet sauce" By blending Asian and Balkanic traditional cuisines, this meal was a pleasant surprise for the libido and sense of test of our specialized jury.

(Jovana Erovic about the secret of her specialty ' Balls in sweet-chilly-sour sauce')

The second place (just as good as the first one) was won by the well known German chef - specialist for French cuisine André Niediek, a chef and the owner of "Maison Blue" restaurant in Cologne.

(Professional chef André Niediek from Germany in competition)

The specialty he prepared shows a highly trained cook - a professional. Mr Niediek performed amazingly well in difficult conditions. He displayed to both the jury and the spectators his amazing culinary skills in working with dough, open flame, kettle, as well as his human touch to offer his assistance to other competitors. The specialties prepared are called “Pastry from Calf”  and bulls balls made with apples baked on open fire.

( Bread on open fire and testicle specialty by André Niediek)

A special prize for creativity and innovation of new kinds of sandwiches and cocktails with testicles was awarded to the team from Denmark "Krøgers Vikings" headed by a young chef Phllip Paag Lund and assisted by Helle Lyse and Stefan Candby Petersen bartender.

(Barmen Stefan Candby prepares new cocktail with balls...)

(Ceasar's Flaming Balls cocktail)

At this year`s championship the truth about our aphrodisiacs was confirmed !!!

Aphrodisiac effect was tested by a special team working on a secret location. Only privileged individuals could attend this segment of the championship as it was closed to public. If you want to visit this part you will need special permits by the organiser. Send in your request to our e-mail address

Are you ready for an adventure? Are you a cook who dares take up the challenge?

Would you like your restaurant to be recognized and famous for something unusual?

Step out of your usual routine and join us !!! Become a world champion !!!

If you would like us to organize this competition in your country, contact us!

Next world championship will be held on August 29 - 31, 2014

Send in your ideas!


The world champion in the official part of this year`s competition was awarded a  transferrable statue, cup, diploma, airplane ticket and a world tour for two persons as well as a check for €50,000.

We as organizers wish for a modest visit to the festival for the reason of the secrecy of its contents. Emphasis is put on privacy, socializing, and guaranteed discretion in some of its segments. Visitors are recommended to walk around all teams and taste their specialties.

Looking forward to hearing from you,




World Testicle Cooking Championship 2013: A Festival That Requires Balls

AFP |  By Relaxnews

(LUNJEVICA, Serbia-AFP) - A delicacy for medieval monarchs, a plate for the poorest and a treat for Tito, animal testicles, with a pinch of humour, are back on the menu, at least at one Serbian food festival.

A visitor needs no road signs to reach the tiny central village of Lunjevica, population 500. They can follow the smoke and smells from the barbecues and kettles at the 10th unofficial testicle-cooking "world championship".

"In our region, we have cooked testicles for ages: our fathers prepared them, our grandfathers before them," local farmer Dragan Todorovic said, slicing a set or horse testicles.

The challenge for this year's 20-some competitors was to make the best "balls-goulash", a twist on the ubiquitous regional stew but replacing classic meat cuts with testicles from rams, calves, bulls, donkeys, horses or other animals.

Some say the testicles should be diced into tiny pieces and soaked in wine for at least 30 minutes for the right consistency before simmered with the onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes and herbs.

"Beware. They should be cut diagonally, otherwise they lose their aphrodisiac effect," warned Zdravko Djuric, a competitor from northern Serbia.

Local lore considers testicles an aphrodisiac, given their naturally high testosterone level, and organisers tap into this reputation.
"Better for the libido than any Viagra," reads one of the slogans for the festival, which draws up to a thousand people, many from abroad.
"It's so totally crazy, I had to be here," said German cook Andre Niediek, a chef in a Cologne restaurant, stirring a pot of bull testicles spiced with "fine Serbian paprika".

His own secret is timing. "Two and a half hours at least. This is not a quick lunch or fast food meal."

Some come "out of curiosity", like Zoran Jeftic from the capital Belgrade who found the stewed glands "tasted similar to chicken."

The festival's founder Ljubomir Erovic says the event is not only a culinary competition but a bid to sweep away prejudice against Serbia that dates back to the 1990s wars in the Balkans. So he injects lots of humour, starting with the official poster -- a drawing of a pot-bellied, mustachioed chef with his own testicles drooping right into his boiling cauldron of stew.

"The French boast with the Tour de France, and we boast with balls," joked farmer Todorovic.

Erovic, who has authored a book entitled "Cooking with Balls", said the delicacy was a favourite with many past notables, including Serbia's 19th-century ruler prince Milos and communist Yugoslavia's strongman Josip Broz Tito.

The four-member jury includes an American, Boston filmmaker Anna Wexler, its sole woman and non-Serb who discovered the festival "googling weird things late at night".

When she contacted Erovic, he invited her to the event where she has been a regular since 2009. "Every year I come all the way out here just to judge the balls," she said laughing.

A ram's testicles stew was this year's winner, but all entries were sampled at gala dinner where cocktail nibbles were grilled lamb testicles rustled up by a Danish competitor.

An annual tongue-in-cheek prize is also awarded to the "person with the biggest balls", which this year pits German Chancellor Angela Merkel against US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden. Voting goes through the end of the year on the festival's website.

Among previous winners were US President Barack Obama in 2010 and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in 2011.

The world testicle cooking championships

September 3, 2013 - Megan Hogarth

The goulash was hot. It had been scooped straight from the huge iron pot in which it had cooked over an open fire for the last three hours. The flavour was just right. Slightly spicy and intense enough to almost, but not quite, make me forget I was eating bull testicles.

If I hadn’t known, I might have mistaken it for a tender more conventional piece of meat. But there was no question what I had just put in my mouth.

The email was titled “an offer you can’t refuse”.

Nine times out of ten, when someone presents you with that kind of offer, it is easily turned down. But then the tenth time, it’s an invite from a stranger to the World Testicle Cooking Championship. How do you say no to that?

And that’s why, after a two-hour bus from Belgrade and a taxi from a town I can’t pronounce, I am dragging my bags across a paddock, asking random people if they know Zoran, the CouchSurfer who emailed me this tantalising invitation to Mudrijada. Within half an hour I have earned the title of official photographer for the 10th World Testicle Cooking Championship and am watching German chef André Niediek toss around a pan of testicles over a small fire.

World Testicle Cooking Championships (1)

Each of the 18 teams cooks a goulash using testicles for competition in the championship, but some also experiment with other dishes, such as the pastry André makes with his pan of sizzled balls. André is here at the invitation of a German TV crew. The producer heard about the competition and recruited André, who runs a French restaurant in Cologne, to compete, while they film the whole thing. “This is so totally crazy,’’ he says while his goulash bubbles away. “I had to come.”

World Testicle Cooking Championships (3)

My many attempts to learn how this “crazy” festival started only lead to confusion. Everybody has a different story. Anna West, an American who came to the festival in 2009 and is now president of the judging panel, tells me she still doesn’t know for sure. But whether it was to build a name for the small village of Lunjevica or for a man to show how truly crazy he is, it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone except the foreign journalists who, like me, came out of curiosity. The rest are here to cook and eat balls.

World Testicle Cooking Championships (2)

Most people arrived on Friday night and by the time I start exploring about midday on Saturday, everybody is hungover and settled in. The teams are scattered around the paddock; their sites crowded with tents, picnic tables, open fires, gas grills and fridges filled with beer and rakija, a potent Serbian drink. There is food everywhere – some of it is even ball-free – and I am offered something to eat at nearly every site I visit. Their hospitality is wonderful.

It’s nearly 30C and the only shade is found by hanging out with the teams who brought tents or large umbrellas. It’s for that reason I spend a while watching the Danish team prepare a snack of open sandwiches with rye bread, horseradish, lettuce, cucumber and lamb testicles. As well as the goulash chefs Phillip and Helle are making, Stefan has created a cocktail with testicles, which he demonstrates during the award ceremony. “The winner will get to drink it,” he says and I’m relieved I’m not in danger of being given a glass. His Caesar’s Flaming Balls cocktail is similar to a Bloody Mary, but served with flaming testicles on a skewer.

World Testicle Cooking Championships (4)

Aside from the Danish and German teams, everyone else is Serbian, perhaps except for Anna, her American boyfriend John, some journalists, and me.

“You’re from Australia?” one man asks me while showing me his testicle goulash.


“You born in Serbia?”


“You born in Australia?”


“But you come to Serbia?”


“Noooooooooooooo,” he says, shaking his head in disbelief.

I’m not the first Aussie to visit the festival. An Australian team competed here a few years ago and cooked kangaroo testicles. It’s not a dish that would have gone down well back home, or in Germany André tells me. He cooks with them to teach his apprentices, but does not serve them in his restaurant. “The Germans are not ready for that,” he says. I’m not sure I am either.

World Testicle Cooking Championships (7)

World Testicle Cooking Championships (8)

Testicles aren’t particularly common in Serbia either, but it’s not unusual.

Eating them was perhaps more prevalent in the past when Serbia was even poorer and most people wouldn’t waste any meat they had. They are nicknamed “white kidneys”, after their appearance when uncooked. At first I am wary of the buckets of balls soaking away, but after a while I start to see them for what they are: just another piece of meat. Although as I watch one team “peel” bull testicles to expose the fleshy part that’s best for cooking, I fight the urge to cross my legs a little. How there are so many men here and so few women puzzles me.

Most teams are cooking with bull or sheep testicles. Some will have come from animals killed for more appealing parts of meat, but others are saved when young males are castrated. A woman picks up a tiny testicle from a bowl and shows it to me, laughing. “So small,” she giggles.

Most of the teams are repeat competitors, proudly displaying their Ball Cup certificates and trophies. But there are some first-timers, including Bojan, who lives in the area. He’s volunteered here in the past and decided it would be more fun to compete. “It’s like cooking with liver,” he says, adding that the smell can be quite strong at first. Bojan and his teammate serve their goulash wrapped in thick pancake and the finished dish resembles a burrito.

World Testicle Cooking Championships (12)

Not long after 5pm, André decorates his plate with a lemon garnish and twisted bread and serves his goulash. He carries it off to the judging tent, posing for the camera along the way. Judging takes a while and I’m told later the process was “confusing”. There are no set guidelines for judging and no one can tell me just why the winning dish was chosen. But Zultan, the victorious chef and a previous Ball Cup winner, doesn’t seem to care. “It’s more about the flavour, not so much the competition,” he says in Serbian, which is translated for the benefit of the journalists. His goulash included sheep, pig, goat and bull testicles. We think. That translation is also a bit confusing.

World Testicle Cooking Championships (10)

I’ve been turning down samples of testicle goulash all day, unable to get my head out of the way.

But seeing André’s dish plated up so nicely, I am inspired. “It’s now or never,” I think to myself as I blow on a spoonful to cool it. Seconds later it’s over. I’ve done it. I’ve eaten testicles.

The testicles are firm, yet squishy. The closest thing I can describe it to is a boiled egg. Although for some reason an undeveloped chicken is easier to swallow than bull balls. André hands me a piece of bread he cooked on the fire, perhaps suspecting I need a palette cleanser. But I’m fine. As long as I don’t think about it too much….