• World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship

29.08.2014. Serbian Holywood, UK, US

VICE Munchies


TV Show Munchies entered competition 2014.

30.08.2013. Lunjevica, Germany

Abenteuer Leben na WTCC 2013


TV Show with chef Andre Niediek entered competition 2013.

Senkveld vs CookingWithBalls

19.02.2013. Gornji Milanovac - Norway, Oslo

In early January, the most popular Norwegian talk show was a guest of WTCC. Soon premiere on Norway TV2 and 'Evening with Thomas and Harald' ..


Iceland has balls?

30.01.2013. Iceland, Reykjavik

Jón Gnarr borgarstjóri.

Mayor of Reykjavik Jon Gnarr accepted challenge to come at the festival with one team from Iceland to cook balls, but later cancelled..


25.02.2012. Belgrade

Festival at toursim fair Belgrade 2012

Visitors had opportunity to try testicle specialties.


18.06.2011. UK

Invitation to Royal couple to participate at festival 2011.

The Royal Couple





Festival had many show according to this news at UK

Erovic and WTCC in Macedonia

01.05.2011. Macedonia, Skopje

Ljubomir Erovic, founder and organizer of WTCC was guest of Skopje tourism organization. He participated in popular TV Show 'Zaednicki rucek'...


Erovic and WTCC in South Korea

05.10.2010. South Korea, Seoul

At the invitation of MSNBC, the WTCC and its leader Ljubomir Erović were guests of the popular show Bokbulbok program that is broadcasted in South Korea, China, Thailand, United States and other countries in the Pacific region. In the company of famous actors and musicians from South Korea, Ljubomir was preparing dishes from white kidneys to his hosts.


31.08.2010. Ozrem, US

President Obama the first winner of award 'The Ballsiest Man in The World' for 2010.

Our joke made laugh American president

Late Night with Thomas and Harald (also known as Senkveld) is a Norwegian talk show on TV 2 since 12 September 2003. Senkveld runs on Fridays and inviting several famous guests from culture, politics and sports. Program Managers in the series from the start are Thomas Numme numb and Harald Rønneberg. The program is also known for its original and popular performances as Harald do things he can not, Thomas vs Harald and Senkveld duel.

The program is one of the most watched on TV 2 and have had an audience of between 600 000 and 700 000. In the 24 November 2006 the program had record attendance with 810,000 viewers.

Senkveld vs Cooking with balls is filmed in winter 2013 in Serbia, Gornji Milanovac. Thomas and Harald had chance to taste testicle meat of different kind of animals - prapared specially for occasion - with no spices and other ingredients, almost raw, just cooked. The best way to eat testicles is with domestic brandy called Rakija. In beautiful environment and one of the rare sunny days in winter, Senkveld and crew had chance to meet culture of the region Gornji Milanovac and to share sense for humor.


Senkveld med Thomas og Harald

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Vil lage «Senkveld»-hit med Haralds oppkastlyder

UGGEN: Slik så Harald Rønneberg ut da han spiste dyretestikler i Serbia. Nå kan du ta de kvalmende lydene og mikse dem inn i hvilken sang du vil. Gi oss din video på våre Facebook-sider!

Glem «goating». Harald Rønnebergs brekninger er den nye brekingen.

«Goating» er et helt spesiell trend på YouTube.

Her mikser man brekende geiter inn i kjente sanger, som for eksempel Bon Jovis «Livin' On a Prayer» og Justin Biebers «Baby».

Se praktfulle eksempler under!

I «Senkveld» fredag, introduserer Nils Ingar Aadne sin egen form for fenomenet, nemlig «Rønnising».

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