• World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship
  • World Testicle Cooking Championship

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Festival founder and the world best testicle chef

(Vice Munchies TV Show at festival 2014.)

EVER since I was a little boy I listened to the elderly talking about testicles which - when well prepared and cooked - can stimulate sexual activities. It seemed funny and stupid to me then, until, as a grown up man, I tasted delicious goulash at a party in late ‘80s. I was told that it was a rabbit goulash. I couldn’t sleep that very night because I became incredibly aroused  and I felt a real ``charge of positive energy`` that I had to use somehow. I had never experienced anything like that before.

The next day, after the wild night, I found out from a friend that the dish we ate was testicle goulash.

I suddenly realized that it could be a great way to help the sexually troubled ones and – through the cooking contests – to reveal the strongest aphrodisiac to conquer the world. My basic idea was to offer the way to better sexual life with help of food and not drugs.

(Norwegian talk show 'Late night with Thomas and Harald' vs Cooking with balls)

Very soon after that, I started to learn preparing testicles delicacies from top chefs and amateurs with great experience in this specific gastronomy field. In 2004, I got an idea to create a unique world championship in preparation of aphrodisiacs and delicacies out of testicles of edible animals “BALLCUP” in Serbia, now well-known as MUD®IJADA. Since then, all these years, teams from Hungary, Macedonia, Finland, Greece, Norway, Bosnian Serb Republic, Spain, Australia, Slovenia, etc. have compete for the title of the world champion.

(Erovic as guest in BokBulBok show South Korea)

Yes, it is true that testicles dishes can be alternative to synthetic drugs like Viagra, and what is more important  they is healthier . My friends and I tested  effects of these specialities .

What Erovic say:

Try my goulash and you'll feel an extraordinary  energy that you want to share in bed with the person you love. It doesn’t works just mechanically  but holistically - it also gives you this glowing , nice feeling in your body and your mind. For preparing the testicles goulash I also use lots of herbs that I find in my garden or in the hills around the town where I live, for example, thyme , milfoil, basil . What is also important to know is that these specialties go well with home-made brandy and wine. It is not scientifically  proven  that testicles improve sexual life, but I truly believe that they do, ask me and other people who tried them.

(Erovic in Macedonian national TV 5 in show 'Zaednički ruček')



Ljubomir R Erovic hes been cooking testicles for over 25 years.

He is the founder, organizer and driving force behind The World Testicle And Aphrodisiacs Cooking Championship, which has been held annually in his native Serbia since 2004.

Since founding the championship he has appeared on national television in Serbia and in media across the world.

Ljubomir was born in Gornji Milanovac, in the Shumadija region in central Serbia. He both graduated Engineering Colege and also attended a music academy. He played music professionally until 1998 mainly evergreen and jazz.

When not cooking or eating testicles, or helping others to do so, he now runs a company involved in the maintenance og medical and dental equipment.

He is married with one daughter.





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