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Testicles are known as a „strong“ food, rich with minerals, fat and testosterone. Small quantities are enough to satisfy the appetite. At the same time, it is enough to ruffle your mind.

Testicles are also known as an extraordinary aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual energy – a fact based on the experiences of people who had the opportunity to try such a meal.


We love and respect animals. We don't kill animals in order to use their testicles. We buy them in a butcher's like you would buy and other meat. When animals are castrated, or when their testicles are removed, they can fatten up more quickly and reach certain weight. Only then they are ready for slaughtering. This is how the meat processing industry works and makes profit. Please remember that this is a normal, standard practice around the world. It is difficult to buy or get testicles, and that's why it is a specialty.

Testicles are the only meat you eat while donator animal remains alive.

OUR SUPPORT chef Andre Niediek owner and main chef of restaurant 'Maison Blue' from Cologne, competitor of WTCC 2013. Thank you!

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Since 2010. year, the Championship issues an international certificate for the bravest act carried out each year. We shall choose The Ballsiest Man in The World.

Candidates for this year:






Ivana explained why: 'Pope Francis is man with enormous energy which affected the world. He showed courage to make changes on benefit to all people doesn't matter from religion or other differencies. World would be better place with people like him.'

Srboljub explained why: 'I think that Vladimir has courage and braveness in tries to fix disbalance in the world as well double standards in politic. I hope after all what's happening today that major people who are leaders of the countries will sit at the same table and openly talk about rules for everyone.'


Please send us your suggestions for candidates which deserve prestige award - info(at)ballcup.com


2014 - ?

2013 - Edward Snowden

2012 - Felix Baumgartner

2011 - Julian Assange

2010 - Barack Obama


World Testicle Coking Championship 2004 - 2014


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by website visitor Ivana Grujic)


(suggestion accepted by website

visitor Srboljub Petrovic)




Our idea is to create a planetary amusement like a World Cup in other sports. The difference is that everybody can take part in BallCup, there's no need for any previous qualifications.


When it comes to a very unusual name - World Testicle Cooking Championship, one thing is to be clearfied - this highly unique competition has nothing to do with any kind of vulgarity.

In a very efficient way, people from various countries and cultures would present their national food, their culture, and "cross the swords" with other competitors from each corner of this planet. The best one would take the title of the world champion and the entire world would hear about them. Do not think that it would be enough for the World Champion title to charm the jury, experts or public with the taste of your meal; much more is needed to become the star here -- original presentation of you and your team.